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Introducing the "Sole Collector Bag" – the ultimate accessory for dancers and shoe lovers alike. This luxurious velvet shoe bag is designed to cradle your precious pole shoes in style and protection. Crafted with the utmost care, the bag features a sumptuous velvet exterior and a silky satin lining, creating a soft and elegant cocoon for your footwear.


Available in two convenient sizes, small (perfect for heels 6-8in) and large (great for boots and 9-10in heels), the Sole Collector Bag ensures a snug fit for a wide range of pole shoes. Whether you're a professional dancer or a shoe enthusiast, this bag is a must-have to keep your footwear in pristine condition.


Please note that we advise against storing shoes with exposed glitter heels in these bags, as the sharp edges could potentially damage the delicate satin lining.


Your shoes deserve the very best, and the Sole Collector Bag ensures they receive it


*Due to the nature of this product, no returns will be granted on Sole Collector Bags. Exchanges will be considered on a case by case basis.*

Sole Collector Bag (Large)

Our Sole Collector Duffles are handmade with love. Please expect a turnaround time of 14 business days.